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Why we don’t want to sell Burgess anymore

Although Burgess Excel is a very popular rabbit food, we choose not to sell it in the shop anymore.

Here are the reasons...

  • We do not want to sell feed consisting mainly of cereals and soy. Burgess is made up of about 70% grains, soy and peas, we don’t think that’s necessary
  • In future, we will only sell pellets containing many different grass species and herbs, as we are passionate about making the diet of rabbits more natural

In the future, you will only be able to find:

  • Grain-free pellets
  • Pellets with many grasses and herbs
  • Rabbit pellets that comply with the guidelines for good nutrient composition

Beaphar Nature

The one with the most fibers

Bunny Nature

The one with the most grass species, weeds and herbs

Grainless Health Complete

The one that has the best taste

Grainless Complete Dwarf Rabbit

The one that costs the least


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