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What weed plants do rabbits love

Here are 6 plants that rabbits love

Our rabbits Nini and Eddie get different wild weeds every day throughout the summer. Here are 6 of our rabbits' favorite plants, i.e. some of the plants that are always eaten first.

The best thing you can do for your rabbit is to pick wild plants out in nature. After all, rabbits out in the wild live on grass and green leaves, supplemented by flowers, twigs and seeds.

Fresh greens are super important to your rabbit, just as important as hay. Vegetables can be used when there is no opportunity to pick outside, but vegetables, as a rule, are too watery and do not contain enough of the indigestible fibers that the rabbit’s digestive system needs.

All plants are easy to recognize and find, as they grow everywhere.

  1. Grasses

Preferably the coarse tufts that grows everywhere where there is little nature.

grass for rabbit
grass for rabbits

2. Dandelion

Both flower and leaves

dandelion flower for rabbits
Dandelion leaves

3. Ground elder (Aegopodium podagraria)

The leaves are very easy to know and grow everywhere

squirrel cabbage for rabbits
Squirrel cabbage flower

4. Herb bennet (Geum urbanum)

They also grow everywhere by paths, etc.

fever cloves
fever carnation flower for rabbit

5. Elm (Ulmus minor)

Elm branches with leaves are found both on trees and in shrubbery. It’s those rough leaves.

elm for rabbit

6. Alpine currant (Ribes alpinum)

Shrubbery that grows in many places as scrub. You can tell them by these long dry sticks sticking growing up from the ground with leaves on them. There are he and she plants. Females are given red currant-like berries later in the summer.

mountain currants for rabbits
Mountain dribs

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