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The importance of our labels

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The importance of our labels

Here you will find our environmental labels to make it easier for you to buy Eco-friendly items for your rabbit or cat

We have given all our products labels so that you can easily and quickly recognize what the products are made of, if you want to avoid products from animals, for example, or want to buy sustainable, or if you only want to shop organic. This way you can help preserve nature and think animal welfare in when you buy cute designs for your pet.

Organic shop for pets

By the way, you can always go to the shop’s menu and choose the option “organic and sustainable” and then choose either cat or rabbit, and there you will find all our sustainable products for your pet.

Environmental friendliness and sustainable


Our Eco-friendly label goes on all our products, which are 100 degradable in nature. So in principle you can just throw it out in the compost in the garden

No animal products


The vegan brand we have made for you who want to avoid animal products. I.e. no meat, wool, honey, eggs or starch from animals in the product. There is also no unnatural and chemical stuff in it.

Only natural ingredients - no chemistry

Natural Product

These are products that are 100 made from nature. That is, no chemical additives of any kind.

Locally fabricated

Made in Denmark

Our made in Denmark label is for goods we ourselves or our skilled partners in the immediate area have manufactured. It stands for good Danish quality.

Made by Bunny and Cat

Hand made

This brand is mainly for our own designed and manufactured products. That is, we have sewn from fabric ourselves or if we have collected things ourselves. This does not mean that we have necessarily harvested the cotton ourselves and made the substance ?



This label means that the product is manufactured in organic or biodynamic agriculture. It is not only feed products that can be organic, for example, it can also be fabric that is made of organic cotton or wool from organic sheep or other.
The largest part of the product is organic.
For example, if we have a harness that is made of organic fabric, but it has a metal buckle, which is obviously not organic, then it will get this label. It will be in the item description of the product which parts of the product are of organic quality. Then you have no doubt.

The doubt will benefit you

If a product has NOT received one of the above labels, it may well be that the product complies with the label requirement. But if we have any doubts about what it contains, it will not be labeled. For example, if we have bought a substance and we have not been told anything about the manufacturing process by the manufacturer, then it will not get a label.


Bunny and Cat


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