Wooden cage for rabbits in the garden

1500 DKK

Outdoor rabbit cage in wood

With small hideout

Wooden cage for rabbits in the garden with house

Beautiful white painted wooden cage for the outdoors

160cm x 160cm x 60cm (63″ x 63″ x 23.6″)

Are you looking for outdoor rabbit fencing? This cage is perfect for a few hours outside on a nice summer day.

The cage is made of metal grille with wooden frame and built-in small hideout.

Practical benefits of this outdoor rabbit cage

This outdoor rabbit cage is 160cm long x 160cm wide x 60cm high

The cage hat two doors with a safety closure so the rabbit can’t open them.

The doors are located at opposite ends of the cage.

You can also open the lid to the small house.

The rabbit can seek shelter from the sun and seek peace and quiet inside the small wooden house.

Safety of rabbits

Do not leave the rabbit unguarded in the cage. Rabbits can dig themselves underground. Rabbits are built to dig tunnels into the ground, so this cage is not a permanent residence. Moreover, there is not enough room for a rabbit life in such a cage.

Always give the rabbit free access to fresh water and food.

Additional information

Weight 19 kg