White and pink rabbit feeding bowl in porcelain


Cute rabbit bowl shaped like a bunny

White and pink color

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Sweet feed bowl shaped like a rabbit

This sweet rabbit food bowl is made of heavy and durable porcelain, which is not easy for rabbits to throw around.

Here’s a sweet feeding bowl for your rabbit. It has rabbit shape and is white and pink.

Give your rabbit feed, lettuce or fruit in this cute little bowl of porcelain.

Why it’s an advantage with more rabbit bowls

Besides that of course it is fun to switch between different rabbit equipment in the home base…. Rabbits in nature eat many different grass species, plants, flowers, berries and branches. They eat many different plants every day. To mimic this varied diet, give your rabbit hay which consists of many grass species instead of only one grass species, and where wild plants and flowers grow together with the grass. And give your rabbit pellets which consist of many grasses and herbs instead of wheat, corn and soy. And supplements with many different herbal blends and greens. Therefore, it is good when you have slightly different bowls to choose from.

Benefits of the sweet rabbit dish

  • Heavy bowl of porcelain
  • Fits all sizes of rabbits
  • Cute rabbit motif
  • Dishwasher safe

Cleaning of feed bowl with rabbit shape

Can get in the dishwasher or wash dishes by hand.

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