Vetbed rug for rabbit – leopard 100x75cm


Lovely wavy carpet for rabbits

Good for the rabbit enclosure

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Soft Vetbed carpet for rabbit – Leopard

Carpet with non-slip bottom

Blanket for rabbit with leopard pattern. This teddy bear soft rug for the rabbit base is super delicious and nice.

Leopard vetbed blanket for rabbit

Lay it inside the rabbit’s living area as a carpet so that your rabbit can rest on the soft surface. As vetbed is not completely waterproof, it is a good idea to use plastic underlay under the rug to protect the floor from stains. We use transparent desk mats from ikea.

This blanket transports moisture away from your rabbit. It can be good if your rabbit spills water or gets to pee on it.

It is hypoallergenic as it is made of polyester which is not a natural material.

That’s why vetbed rugs are so good

Since the leopard rug is not made of natural materials, rabbits are not as prone to gnawing on it. When we ourselves have used natural rugs like cotton, the rabbits have quickly gnawed them to pieces. But these vetbed rugs they do not gnaw in.

How to treat your vetbed piece

Wet bed can be washed at 40 degrees C. After washing, it must be air-dried.

Do not tumble dry, otherwise the hairs will look strange.

This carpet measures 100 cm x 75 cm like our other vetbeds.

A nice accessory for your rabbit.


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