Vet bed – 75×100 cm – for pets – Pink

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Teddy bear-soft washable carpet for pets

Vet bed for rabbits and dogs

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Soft Vet bed blanket – non-slip bottom – Pink

Nice soft carpet for pets

Soft carpet for pets – Vet bed

75cm x 100cm (29.5″ x 39.4″)

These vet bed are shards of carpet with long hair of about 3 cm.

Washable at 60 degrees C.

Super soft and thick carpet for rabbits or dogs.

Lovely warm and hypoallergenic.

Vet bed which transports moisture away from the pet.

It’s made of polyester.

Has a non-slip silicone base.

Dry only in low heat or air-dried.

Your pet will love this soft blanket.

Suitable for all sizes of rabbits and small- medium-sized dogs.

YOU CAN BUY LARGE PIECES OF VETBED OF 150 x 100 cm. Then you just buy two pieces, and REMEMBER to write in the comments section of the shopping cart that they should be in ONE piece.


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