Vet bed – 75×100 cm – for pets – Pink


Teddy bear-soft washable carpet for pets

Vet bed for rabbits

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Soft Vet bed blanket – non-slip bottom – Pink

Soft carpet for pets – Pink rabbit accessory

This pink vetbed will be a hit in any rabbit base. Hot pink carpet for rabbits. The rug is nice and soft to lie on and they can be washed when needed.

Wet beds are convenient

The blanket in pink i made of soft and comfortable material, so the rabbit can have a feeling of security.
In addition, the carpet has a practical function. Accidentally, water or urine will penetrate the blanket so that the rabbit can remain warm and dry.

The vetbed rugs can be easily cut to the desired size if it needs to fit into a certain size base or a rabbit house.

The rabbits will be less likely to gnaw these blankets to pieces as they are made of polyester and not cotton.

Rabbits should have a soft surface where they stay the most. Hardwood floors can put too much pressure on their paws and cause paw sores.

The rug is hypoallergenic and bacteria have poor conditions in this pink vetbed.

Benefits of this vetbed rug

  • water repellent
  • hypoallergenic
  • washable
  • the size can be customized
  • nice soft for delicate rabbit paws
  • no gnaw friendly

How to wash the carpet

It can be washed at 40 degrees. It lasts best if it is air dried

All in all, a fantastic and indispensable piece of accessory for rabbits

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