Velor canvas basket for rabbits


Suitable for large rabbits and smaller dogs

Soft velvet cover



Lovely soft golden basket for rabbits

This lovely basket for rabbits is a little bigger than many of our other baskets. It fits large rabbits or two small rabbits.

It is made with solid foam inside and upholstered in silky golden velvet on the inside and coarse grey-brown canvas fabric on the outside.

A nice accessory for rabbit cages.

Large firm basket for rabbits

The basket here is very open. Perfect for rabbits who do not like closed walls. It is large so it also fits large rabbits.

Silky soft basket

This rabbit basket is made of coarse brown fabric on the outside and silky velvet on the lying side. The foam inside the basket is firm, so your rabbit feels it has solid ground under its feet when it sits in the basket.

Accessories for rabbit cages

Make a rabbit base with delicious accessories for your rabbit cage. A home base is the place where your free roam rabbit has his stuff. Here it is the rabbit’s territory, and here it has peace from other pets or children in the house. It can be a fence or a large cage that is always open or just a corner in the living room. The bunny base should contain soft carpet to protect the paws, houses, tunnels or caves to hide in, a sleeping area, a toilet tray, food bowl and activity toys.

The dimensions of the rabbit basket

Basket measures 61 cm x 48 cm

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg