Wood pellets for rabbit cages – 6kg bedding for rabbits


Bedding for the rabbit toilet

Wood pellets rabbit 6 kg

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Wood pellets for rabbit cages

Tray bedding in the form of wood pellets is super absorbent. Wood pellets for rabbit cages in 6 kg packages. Bedding for rabbits which keeps the cage completely dry and clean for a long time.

Rabbit wood pellets are super absorbent

These wood pellets for the rabbit cage have a great suction power, so they keep the bottom of the tray dry and clean. They also last longer than, for example, regular chips.

Bedding for rabbits

This bedding for rabbit toilets minimizes in flies and other vermin in the rabbits home because they are so absorbent. They are also very low in dust, which is good for rabbits with delicate airways and for the indoor climate in the house. The pill form means that there are no wood shavings all over the palce, which the rabbit takes out of the toilet.

Wood pellets for rabbit cages for healthy rabbits

These wood pellets for rabbits are made without chemical and toxic chemicals.

Wood pellets for rabbits are a natural product

The wood pellets are 100% degradable in nature. Can be thrown on the compost.

Advantages of this bottom layer

  • Keeps the cage dry for a long time
  • Great absorbency
  • Keeps the smell of urine inside
  • Does not make much dust

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