Sunflower Stalks with nettle / parsley – Natural rabbit treats


3 gnawing sticks

Snack and activation in one rabbit product


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Delicious dried sunflower stalk with herbs – rabbit snacks

3 large natural rabbit treats from JR-farm in the form of dried sunflower stalks with a nice healthy surface of herbs. A delicious stem your rabbit can enjoy and gnaw in over several days.

Healthy rabbit treat

Dried sunflower stalks covered with stinging nettle, parsley and fenugreek seeds.

Sunflower stalks for rabbits are rich in healthy fiber.

Stinging nettle and parsley taste good and provide vitamins.

Treats for bunny’s with several good benefits

These 3 delicious gnawing snacks for rabbits gives your bunny something to do for several hours. They thus provide both activation and delicious taste.

In addition, they help grind out your rabbit’s teeth.

Benefits of these natural rabbit treats

  • Delicious snack
  • Activating
  • Grinding the teeth
  • Healthy herbs
  • Only natural ingredients

Healthy treat

Here in the shop for free roam rabbits, we care a lot about the health of bunnies, and want all rabbits to have a healthy and varied diet, which gives life energy and joy to your pets life. Therefore, you will not find unhealthy snacks with yogurt, sugar or honey in our snacks. It is not suitable for rabbits, although they may think it tastes good. Here you will only find snacks with various herbs and high-fiber treats with natural ingredients, which contribute to a healthy and natural diet intended for rabbits.

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