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Washable rabbit basket

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Lovely soft velvet basket for rabbits – Old pink

This delicious pink quality basket for rabbits is made of durable and soft velvet. It is suitable for medium-sized rabbits or for small dwarf rabbits.

The filling inside the basket consists of 100% silicone fiber, which provides a comfortable and clean sleeping environment. And it’s washable. But can also be easily wiped with a damp cloth for minor stains.

A super cute accessory for the rabbit area.

Advantages of this rabbit basket

  • Nice soft
  • Easy to clean
  • Super cute
  • Highly durable

Accessories for rabbit cages

Make a rabbit base with delicious accessories for your rabbit cage. A home base is the place where your free roam rabbit has his stuff. Here it is the rabbit’s territory, and here it has peace from other pets or children in the house. It can be a fence or a large cage that is always open or just a corner in the living room. The bunny base should contain soft carpet to protect the paws, houses, tunnels or caves to hide in, a sleeping area, a toilet tray, food bowl and activity toys.

The measure of the velvet basket

The basket measures 62 cm x 44 cm x 22 cm

Washing instructions

Throw it in the washing machine as it is and wash with a gentle program at 30 degrees.

Let it air dry.

Additional information

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