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Soft cave for smaller rabbits

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Soft rabbit cave in the shape of a mint green house

Lovely soft rabbit cave in the shape of a house in mint green. The cave contains a thick and soft pillow with teddy bear fabric. This lovely house for your rabbit is a convenient hiding place. This rabbit den can be washed in the washing machine.

Caves for rabbits

These caves for rabbits are specially selected due to their size to fit dwarf rabbits and rabbits of smaller size.

Washable rabbit house

Wash the pillow and the walls of the house and take at 40 degrees and let it air dry. You can also just take the pillow out and wash it if your rabbit has made it dirty.

The dimensions of the rabbit house:

ca. 40 cm x 40 cm x 35 cm

Wild rabbits live in caves

Wild rabbits hide in their caves underground most of the day. They live in large colonies and each small family has a cave underground where they rest and have young. Between the caves, they have dug tunnel systems so they can visit each other. Underground, they feel safe from predators and bad weather.

Therefore, you need a rabbit den

Since domestic rabbits still have their wild instincts, it is always good to make their lives resemble the lives of wild rabbits as much as possible. Rabbits love caves and tunnels. Feel free to decorate your rabbit base with lovely hiding places.

Benefits of this house for your rabbit

  • Soft and cozy
  • Washable
  • safe hiding place

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