Soft carpet – vetbed – for free run rabbits – Sandy


Teddy bear-soft washable carpet for rabbits

Vet bed for rabbits

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Soft carpet – non-slip bottom – cage free rabbits – Sandy colour

Lovely wavy carpet for cage free rabbits

Soft carpet for rabbits – Vetbed

These vet bed are shards of carpet with long hair of about 3 cm.

Washable at 60 degrees C.

Super soft and thick carpet for rabbits.

Vet bed which transports moisture away from the rabbit.

Lovely warm and hypoallergenic.

Made of polyester.

With non-slip silicone base.

Dry only in low heat or air-dried.

75cm x 100cm (29.5″ x 39.4″)

Suitable for all sizes of rabbits.

Your rabbit will love it.

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