Snuffle mat for rabbits – Pet bunny toys – hay and hemp


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Lovely snuffle mat for treats

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Digging blanket for rabbits – pet bunny toys with hay and hemp

This snuffle mat for rabbits is made of hay and hemp and really is a nice piece of rabbit equipment.

It is important to have a good selection of toys for rabbits.

Pet bunny toys in 100% natural material. Can be gnawed in and dug around in with the paws.

You can hide small treats in the snuff blanket and your rabbit is activated for a long time.

Why rabbit toys are important

Rabbits need to be activated every day, otherwise they get bored and may make trubble, such as biting your furniture to pieces.

You can activate your rabbit in many ways, and rabbit toys can help you along the way. Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into because rabbits have a great need to dig. Rabbits dig passages and burrows underground when they live in the wild. You can also hide treats and pellets so it must look for food, instead of just serving it in a bowl. In nature, they also have to go out and search for food. or you can give your rabbit something to gnaw on.

This rabbit snuff mat can give your rabbit satisfaction in all three areas: searching for food, digging and gnawing.

Benefits of this rabbit digging blanket

– With natural materials hay and hemp
– Promotes natural behaviour
– Intensive activation for pets
– Creates variety and decreases boredom

Dimensions of this rabbit snuffle mat:

31.5 x 28 cm

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