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Jerusalem artichokes bunny snack

Healthy for intestinal flora


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Prebiotic bunny snack

If you want to help your rabbit maintain a healthy and well-functioning digestion, try this rabbit snack of dried Jerusalem artichokes.

These snacks are good for rabbits

The Jerusalem artichokes contain a lot of inulin 15-20%. Inulin is a fiber-like carbohydrate which feeds the good bacteria in the gut and thereby gives them good growth conditions, and eliminates the bad gut bacteria.

Inulin also has a good effect on blood sugar levels, so it is stable.

Inulin is ideal for positive influence on the intestinal flora. And there’s plenty of it in the dried Jerusalem artichoke bunny snack.

This little treat supports your rabbit’s healthy intestinal flora.

Prebiotic rabbit snack contains 16% fiber

At Free the bunny we care a lot about naturalness and health, therefore none of our snacks contain unnatural things like sugar and yoghurt.

These bunny snacks do not contain:

  • sugar
  • artificial colors
  • synthetic flavourings
  • preservative
  • yogurt


100% Jerusalem artichokes

A completely natural and healthy rabbit treat without many calories. Good for all rabbits.

Use prebiotic rabbit treat like that

Use these snacks if you want to strengthen the rabbit’s digestion. But be careful not to overdo it, they must not be used instead of good hay and feed.

Provide a varied diet with hay with many different grass species instead of just one kind of grass. And with many natural plants and flowers. And give the rabbit feed with many grass species and herbs instead of soy and grain based pellets.

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