Small gray rabbit basket of fur


50 cm x 35 cm rabbit basket

For dwarf rabbits

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Grey soft fur basket for small pets

This little rabbit basket is made of fur and is flat, so your dwarf rabbit can lie on something that gives a feeling of still having firm ground under your feet. Super practical rabbit equipment.

The slightly elevated edges give a sense of security while not feeling it is being enclosed.

And the rabbit basket in teddy bear fabric is soft thanks to its plush surface.

The pillow is very easily taken with you in the car or elsewhere.

Small flat basket for rabbits

The basket here is very open. Perfect for rabbits who are timid and want to lie free. It is small and therefore suitable for dwarf rabbits.

Fur basket

This rabbit basket is made of fur and is completely flat, so your rabbit feels it has solid ground under its feet when it sits in the basket.

Rabbit supply

Make a bunny area with nice rabbit equipment. A home base is the place where your free roam rabbit has his stuff. Here it is the rabbit’s territory, and here it has peace from other pets or children in the house. It can be a fence or a large cage that is always open or just a corner in the living room. The bunny base should contain soft carpet to protect the paws, houses, tunnels or caves to hide in, a sleeping area, a toilet tray, food bowl and activity toys.

The dimensions of the rabbit basket

50 cm x 35 cm

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