Round gray basket for rabbit – Super soft pillow


Super soft pillow for smaller rabbits

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Lovely teddy bear soft basket for rabbit

This round basket for rabbits can be clamped so that it becomes very small. Or out so it gets big. That way, it can be adapted to the size of your rabbit. It’s super teddy bear soft. Lovely accessory for your rabbit.

Basket that can be tightend in and out

The edge of the basket has a string that can be tightened in and out. When you adjust the size to your rabbit, it feels more secure because the edges of the basket have a protective effect on the rabbit. Here your rabbit can sleep safely and well. Thanks to the edge of the basket, the rabbit feels enclosed and protected, even if it is an open basket.

Soft basket for rabbit

This basket for your rabbits is made of teddy bear soft gray fabric on the outside, and also contains super soft filling inside.

The dimensions of the rabbit basket

The basket has a diameter of 45 cm. But it can be tightened so that it becomes smaller.

Accessories for rabbit

Make a rabbit home base with lovely accessories for rabbits. A rabbit home base is the place where the rabbit has all its stuff. This is the rabbit’s domain and sanctuary. It can be a fence or a large cage that is always open or just a corner in the living room. The base should include soft carpet, a house, a poop tray, food bowls and activity items.

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