Red hay rack for rabbit – Clean and dry hay


Red spacious hay rack for rabbits

Store your rabbit’s feed like hay and greens

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Red hay rack for rabbit

Fine red hay rack for rabbit feed. This hay hedge stores rabbit’s hay and greens above the ground. Let your rabbit eat fresh hay and other green feed of this red container.

How to use this red hay rack

Metal grid to the rabbits’ hay. Keeps the hay in place so it doesn’t get dirty when the rabbits walk on it. Hay hedges prevent your pet from eating hay with urine on it.

This hay rack is made easy and simple to hang on the cage for easy and simple way to give hay. The rack can hang both inside and outside the cage or your rabbit’s enclosure according to what you think is best.

Can be used for anything other than hay of course, we also use it for fresh greenery, grass etc.

Benefits of this hayrack for rabbit

  • Keeps the hay clean
  • can be easily hung up outside and inside the enclosure
  • nice red color
  • perfect size for rabbits

Nice holder for clean hay

You can combine the hay with some of your rabbit’s favorite herbs or fresh grass and greenery from nature.


  • 7.8 inch long
  • 7.4 inch hight
  • 4.7 inch broad

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