Rattle of wood for activating your rabbit


Wooden toy for rabbit

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Wooden activity toy

Cute little rattle for your rabbit. Made of untreated wood and with a sweet bell in it.

The toy measures 7 cm

Why your rabbit should use toys

Rabbits need to be activated otherwise they get bored and may find themselves making trubble in your home by gnawing things to pieces.

There are many ways to make a rabbit more active and rabbit toys can help you along the way. Make your rabbit active by giving it something where it can unfold the instincts it was born with. You can also hide feed so that it should look for it. Or you rabbit give your rabbit something to gnaw on. Or give it a digging box. Feel free to change the toy, store it away when it no longer seems interesting, and then bring out something new. Then it will not be boring.

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