Part 2 – The Bunny Village – Rabbit Tunnel


Tunnel for the Bunny Village

For dwarf rabbits

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Rabbit Tunnel – Part 2 of The Bunny Village

Black rabbit tunnel fits The Bunny Village woodhouses

This rabbit tunnel is part of the kit with houses and tunnels for dwarf rabbits. But, of course, you can also use it alone, as an accessory for rabbit cages. Rabbits love to run through tunnels.

The Bunny Village

You can get 3 in 1 houses which is Free The Bunny’s own design that you can connect with this tunnel. The rabbit houses are big enough for two dwarf rabbits to sit in there together. These rabbit houses have two exits, one front and one in the side, the exit of the houses can be turned both to the left and right side. The tunnel fits in both exits. In this way, you can build as many houses and tunnels together, and turn the houses to suit your décor exactly. It can thus be adapted to the space you have devoted to the rabbit.

More rabbit cage accessories

For the 3i1 houses for rabbits, you can get sleeping mats that fit the top of the house so that your rabbit can use it as a sleeping place and lookout. The sleeping mat contains pee-resistant inner layers and can also be used inside the house. With the different designs of rabbit pads, you can customize your rabbit cage accessories precisely to your style.

Benefits of the bunny village

  • Put as many houses and tunnels together crisscrossing as you like.
  • Collect an entire village for your dwarf rabbits.
  • Can be set up in endless ways.

Size of tunnel for rabbits

The black tunnel is 50cm long

15cm x 15cm (6″ x 6″)wide

Cleaning the rabbit tunnel

Can be washed in running hot water, a soft cloth or sponge and dishwashing liquid or all-purpose cleaning.

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