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Rabbit bowl with dripping edge

and sloping sides

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Purple rabbit feeding bowl or drinking bowl

This rabbit feeding bowl from Living World is ergonomically correctly designed for your rabbit. Then it can bend comfortably to its food or water. Your rabbit does not have to stretch over the edge of the bowl to get to the feed, as it is slanted in front. The bowl is made of ceramics, which protects against bacteria in small scratches and cracks. The bottom is heavy, so the bowl can not easily tip over or be thrown along, as rabbits often do.

The feed bowl is suitable for both water and rabbit feed.

As a feeding bowl for rabbits

As a feeding bowl, it is good because it is slanted, so the rabbit can easily reach over the edge. Your rabbit can also not roll its feed out of the bowl because it is stuck on the floor thanks to the heavy bottom.

As a drinking bowl for rabbits

As a drinking bowl, it is good because it has a spill edge. As the edge curves inward it will minimize water spillage outside the bowl.

Size of rabbit feeding bowl or water bowl

Size: about 14 x 6.5 x 14 cm
Capacity: approx. 420 ml

Benefits of this rabbit bowl

  • Waste edge for water
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Large volume of 420 ml
  • Sloping ergonomic edge for comfort

Cleaning of large bowl for rabbits

The food bowl is dishwasher or ordinary hand dishwasher safe.

Have different rabbit bowls

It is practical and easy if you have rabbit bowls in different sizes and varieties at hand, as your rabbit benefits from several different food items such as pellets, dried herbs, hay, lettuce and green plants from nature. Preferably give your rabbit a diet similar to the diet of wild rabbits. Give the hay which consists of many grass species instead of just one grass species where wild plants are not sorted out. And give your rabbit pellets which consist of many grasses and herbs instead of soy and grains. And complement with various dried herbs and lots of fresh greens.

Rabbits should drink plenty of water

And if your rabbit is not drinking enough from the bottle, a bowl like this is a really good alternative. Rabbits get more water in their mouths from bowls because bottles only provide water drop by drop.

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