Feed bowls for rabbits with slow food – white


Spacious food bowls for porcelain rabbits

With slow food


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Sweet feed bowls for rabbits with slow food – white

Food bowls for bunnies with a sweet slow food rabbit inside the bowl. Large porcelain bowl for rabbits of all sizes with plenty of space for feed or greens.

Feed bowl with slow food rabbit in the bowl

The sweet figure inside the center of the bowl gives a little slow food bowl effect to rabbits.

And it’s just so cute with that little cute rabbit looking up from the feed bowl.

Sweet food bowls for rabbits

The bowl, which is white on the outside and has grooves, makes it look cute and romantic.

This fine rabbit bowl with plenty of room for feed then fits into any rabbit home base.

Large and spacious food bowl to suit all rabbits also the large ones.

Benefits of this food bowl

  • Slow food rabbit
  • much space for feed
  • Cute rabbit design
  • dishwasher safe

How to clean the feed bowl

The bowl can be washed with a sponge with ordinary dishwashing detergent or the rabbit can be put in the dishwasher.

This bowl for rabbits is white on the outside and pink on the inside with a rabbit hiding in the feed and one hanging on the side. The rabbits are white with a small light blue bow around the neck and they are pink in the ears.

A super nice piece of rabbit equipment for the bun area.

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