Rabbit enrichment toy – hide pellets under the cones


Store pellets under the caps

Activity toy for rabbits

20 cm


rabbit enrichment toys for bunnies

Nice rabbit enrichment toy. Reward your rabbit with hidden treats or pellets under the cones. Your rabbit has to work a little for food. It is healthy for both body and soul. After all, your rabbit is built to go out and search for food every day, so that way it becomes activated, which is good.

The board game contains 7 blue cones and has a non-slip rubber edge so it doesn’t move around when your rabbit topples the cones.

Why your rabbit should use activity toys

Rabbits need daily activities otherwise they get bored, and may find themselves making trouble, such as. to bite into furniture and panels.

There are many ways to make a rabbit more active and rabbit toys can help you along the way. motivate by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into because rabbits have a great need to dig. You can also store treats and feed pellets so it should look for food, instead of just serving it in a bowl. Or you rabbit give your rabbit something to gnaw on.

This accessory for rabbits can give your rabbit satisfaction by searching for food.

Benefits of this rabbit enrichment toy

  • Promotes natural behavior
  • Intensive work
  • Creates variation
  • Train the brain

The plate measures 20 cm in diameter

Additional information

Weight 0.6 kg