Rabbit drinking bottle in glass 500 ml


Rabbit water bottle with small corn cob


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Rabbit drinking bottle in glass

Cute rabbit drinking bottle in glass with metal screw cap and drip. Drinking bottle for rabbit with cute animals on. There is a small yellow corn cop in the bottle so you can more easily see the water level in the bottle. Also, there is also a metal holder so you can easily attach the drinking bottle to a grid.

How the rabbit water bottle works with dripper

The water bottle itself is made of transparent glass. The glass is thick and robust and can withstand some knocks. The screw cap and the tube that the rabbit drinks from are made of metal. The rabbit water bottle is easy to clean with a bottle cleaner. The metal tube has a ball valve which means that water only comes out drop by drop when the rabbit touches it. That way, no water is spilled all over the rabbit area. The drinking bottle is attached to the grid with a metal holder.

Benefits of this rabbit drinking bottle

  • Easily put on the grid on the rabbit’s fence.
  • Robust and durable in good quality
  • Cute look with animals on it
  • Ball valve against water spillage
  • Glass is good for the environment
  • A small corn cob makes it easy to read the water level

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