Rabbit digging box – Rabbit diggigng box


Stable digging box with inner box.

Can be taken out and washed as needed.


Rabbit digging box – Rabbit digging box

The digging box for dwarf rabbits is designed and manufactured in Denmark

This rabbit digging box is made of veneer wood which is hard wood which rabbits do not gnaw in as it is too hard. Therefore, it also has a long lifespan compared to natural wooden boxes, which rabbits in most cases like to gnaw in pieces.

It has a transparent plastic inner box that you can fill with digging material and take out and wash as needed.

Measure 41cm long x 30cm wide x 30cm tall (16.1″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″)

It’s small and space saving. Therefore, it is ideal for dwarf rabbits and if you do not have too much space in your home.

The sides of the wooden box are 12mm thick and therefore very robust and durable.

Why rabbits dig

Wild rabbits, which are, after all, the ancestors of our pet rabbits, dig long tunnel systems underground, where they stay most of the day and at night. Here they feel safe from predators and bad weather. They’re sleeping, resting and having their kits down here. They have small caves underground and tunnels connecting them to each other. And always several different escape routes and exits that they can use at risk.

It’s just buried deep in their instincts to dig. If you don’t already have a rabbit digging box or rabbit sand pit (as some call it), you’ll probably have seen your rabbit digging in carpets, pillows or anything else, and thereby maybe destroyed the fabric. For that reason, rabbits also often dig at the bottom of their cage, on you and your clothes, or dig it into the floor. They simply can’t help it.

For the same reason, they also like tunnels, so it’s also good thing to give them. See our own production of tunnels and houses here : The Bunny Village where you can put together your own rabbit village in the sizes that suits you best. Fits well with this rabbit sand pit.

Use this digging material

You can use sand for rodents or new sandbox for children, but it is very dusty. Some also use crumpled pieces of newspaper in their rabbit sand pit. It messes less and can be thrown out if your rabbit likes to pee in its digging material.

Why your rabbit needs a sandpit

  • Your rabbit meets its need to dig
  • It reduces stress hormones in the body
  • Activity makes happy
  • Counteracts boredom
  • You won’t get your pillows and blankets ruined
  • Your houseplants will have their dirt in peace

This is our plywood is made of

Our wood is made of birch ply and only suitable for indoor use. There is plywood which can be used outside and therefore weather resistant, but since phenolic glue is used, which is toxic in these wood types, we have of course chosen the wood which can only be used indoors. Birch wood veneer is also used for the manufacture of furniture for humans.

Want to know more

We can clearly recommend a book called The Private Life of Rabbits by RonaldLockley if you are interested in how wild rabbits live their lives. The book is about a group of scientists who have studied the behavior of wild rabbits on an island. Their lives and interaction, both what happens above ground, but also what happens inside the caves and tunnels underground. It really provides a good basic understanding of rabbit behavior.

Do you want an alternative to an digging box for rabbits that do not mess with sand

See our rabbit ball pool

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