Rabbit rug for the floor – Round – blue-gray rabbit


Sweet round carpet for the rabbit base

120 cm in diameter

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Rabbit rug for the home base – light blue / gray

This rabbit blanket is round and heavy with anti-slip bottom so it can not move when the rabbit jumps around on it.

Quality carpet for rabbits

Cute gray and light blue carpet for rabbits. It’s super quality and solid. The rug is 12o cm in diameter.

The rabbit rug here is firm to walk on but still soft enough to spare your rabbit’s paws. That way, your rabbit will still feel safe with solid ground under neath its paws. It does not have “hair” so there can be no dirt hiding inside the rug.

A soft rabbit surface is important

It is good for rabbits to walk on a carpet instead of hard wooden floors. It counteracts the paw wounds that some rabbits get.

Underlay for rabbit cages is a must when holding free roam bunnies. Where the rabbit stays most, the floor should be soft. Rabbits do not have foot pads in the same way as dogs and cats, so if they walk solely on a hard wooden floor, they can get painful sores under their feet.

Use of underlay for rabbit enclosure

The carpet fits into all our enclosures if placed in a square. Make a nice rabbit base with this cute bunny face rug.

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