Rabbit cage XL – Black – 60, 80, 100, 120 cm high


Large enclosure for rabbits in apartment

Can be set up in many different ways


Very sturdy black rabbit enclosure

– rabbit cage XL with a lot of room for toilet, house and toys

Want a rabbit cage XL? Here we have a big nice rabbit enclosure in black. It can be put up in many different ways. Large rabbit cage XL indoors made of metal and without bottom. This beautiful spacious rabbit cage is large and practical, and easy to set up.

Consists of 8 panels each of which are approximately 80cm wide and 60, 80, 100 or 120 cm high (currently only 100 and 120cm)

Be aware that some rabbits are really good at jumping, and will be able to jump over fences below 80cm especially if the cage is right next to a flat they can jump up on.

The cage door has a safety lock so your pet can’t open the cage and run away, and small children can’t get into the rabbit cage.

Rabbit in apartment

We favor free rabbits in the apartment or house. We do NOT recommend that your rabbit stays in this rabbit enclosure. Rabbits need space for running. And they want to be part of the family’s everyday life. But it can be beneficial for the rabbit to have its own private space where it can stay in peace of children or other animals in the house. The enclosure is good if there are children in the home or you have a rabbit with an anxious personality.

Newly arrived rabbit in the house

If you’ve just got a new rabbit and it doesn’t have a clearly demarcated area, which is the rabbit’s place, it may be too overwhelmed or scared, especially if it has a scared personality, and then it will be sitting under the sofa or another inconvenient place where it doesn’t come out from again. Therefore, we always recommend keeping a new rabbit in e.g. this rabbit cage XL for the first week. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace. Open the cage when it feels safe and relaxed and shows interest in the family.

If you want an indoor running yard for the rabbits

If you acquire 2 or maybe even 3 enclosures you can make a large indoor running yard for your rabbits. If for some reason you don’t want 100% free rabbit, maybe for safety reasons. Then we recommend making a huge running yard in the living room or somewhere else in the house where the rabbits can have plenty of space to play on. Here you can put many small houses, hideaways and tunnels. Remember to take the rabbits out every day anyway. That way you can keep partially free rabbits.

Large fencing 240cm x 80cm or 160cm x 160cm

Place this xl rabbit cage as it suits you

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Weight 18 kg
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