Rabbit bowls – Feeding bowl for rabbit food


Large and heavy rabbit bowl

Gray bunny face

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Rabbit bowls with cute rabbit face in gray

The cutest rabbit bowls in the world. Lovely heavy bowl of porcelain which looks like an adorable grey rabbit. This dish dwarf rabbits can not throw. Super cute and spacious food bowl for rabbits.

The feed bowl is perfect for today’s greens or herbs. And can of course also be used for pellets.

Robust rabbit bowls for feed and vegetables

Porcelain rabbit bowls with the nicest chubby rabbit face in fine gray color. This feed bowl is also good for larger rabbits because it is spacious, it is big enough for lots of feed pellets, lettuce, herbs or greens from nature.

The rabbit bowl is made of thick porcelain, which is not easy to overturn or throw around with.

Benefits of the food bowl

  • Heavy and robust porcelain
  • Plenty of room for feed, herbs and salad
  • Super cute rabbit design
  • Dishwasher safe

How to clean the feed bowl

The food bowl can be washed with a sponge with ordinary dishwashing detergent or it can be put in the dishwasher.

Give your rabbit healthy food

Wild rabbits eat many different grass species, wild green plants, flowers and branches with leaves from shrubs. They eat very varied and green. The best thing you can do for your rabbit is to try to give it a diet similar to the wild rabbit’s diet. Give it hay (eg mountain hay and meadow hay) which consists of many grass species instead of just one grass species, and where many weeds and flowers grow in between. And give your rabbit pellets which consist of many grasses and herbs instead of grains and soy. And supplement with herbal blends and fresh greens. That way it gets a varied diet. Therefore, it is good to have several feeding bowls for your rabbit.

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