Rabbit biscuits with banana and fiber – treats for bunnies


Delicious banana biscuits for your rabbit


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Delicious small biscuits for rabbits with banana – high-fiber rabbit treats from Bunny Nature

Lovely high-fiber rabbit treats with banana in the form of small biscuits, which can be divided into smaller pieces from Bunny Nature. Treat your rabbit to these tasty banana-flavored snacks.

Healthy snacks:

These treats for bunnies contain fibrous bran and lignocellulose. They also contain chicory root with a naturally high content of inulin which helps digestion.

Like all our rabbit delights, they do NOT contain sugar, artificial dyes or preservation.

Here in the shop, we care a lot about the rabbits’ health and naturalness. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that all our treats, snacks and herbs are healthy. We have nothing in the store that contains sugar, honey or yogurt…

Benefits of these high-fiber treats

  • without sugar and honey
  • no yogurt
  • no artificial additives
  • helps digestion
  • tastes good

Bunny Nature Biscuit Ingredients:

Spelt, oat bran (fibrous), rice, fruit pulp, oat cloth bran, lignocellulose, bananas (2%), calcium carbonate, chicory powder (0.5% inulin).

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