Bunny Bed – Cute little bed for rabbits


Rabbit bed made of wood with rabbit ears for free roam rabbits

Bed for rabbits in gnaw-free wood


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Rabbit bed made of wood

Bed for rabbits with lifelong durability – gnawing-free wood

Want to make a cute rabbit cage decor? This cute wooden rabbit bed with rabbit ears is Free The Bunny s unik design. Worldwide Shipping. Ordinary freight outside the EU is very expensive. But if you buy something that weighs less than 2 kg, we can send it out as a letter at a reasonable price. This bed and on set of bedding is under 2 kg. The materials are high quality and the rabbit furniture is made in soft and simple shapes that can fit into any style. Perfect for all free roam rabbits. Rabbit bed has lifelong durability as your rabbit can not gnaw on the wood.

Bed for rabbits

The rabbit bed is made of hard plywood, which is too hard for the rabbits to gnaw. They do not like to gnaw at it. This means that your furniture will last a long time. It is for indoor use only. And the wood is made for indoor use by humans.

No more rabbit baskets that get gnawed into pieces. Here’s your rabbit’s favorite sleeping place. Now decorating a rabbit area will be easy and fun.

Assembly of the bed

You have to assemble the bed yourself when you get it. Wood glue and a piece of sandpaper are included. In many cases it is not necessary to use glue, and the joints of the bed will stick well, but the thickness of the wood may differ a little in some cases, and then it is a good idea to glue it so that it does not fall apart.

You can easily knock the tree together with a fist when you collect it.

Furnishing a rabbit cage with this bed offers the following benefits

  • Super cute design
  • Many options to customize the bed to your style with different bedding
  • Long durability with gnaw-free wood
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Rabbits love it

Cleaning the rabbit bed

This bed for rabbits can be wiped with a damp cloth. Since the wood is so hard, it does not absorb as much dirt, so it stays clean for a long time.

Rabbit bed’s measures (dwarf rabbits)

  • 37cm bed length
  • 26cm bed width
  • 10cm jump height

You can also buy matching bedding in several cute varieties here in the rabbit shop.

You can also buy a small pee safe mattress for the bed. This also makes the bedding not so easily kicked out of the bed when the rabbit moves in it.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg

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