Round rabbit basket with memory foam


Super lovely basket for smaller rabbits

With luxury memory foam

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Luxury rabbit basket

Round small rabbit basket made of luxury materials. Your rabbit will love this basket. It is super nice, soft and firm. The basket fits smaller rabbits. Just a nice piece of equipment for rabbits.

Rabbit basket with Memory foam

Memory foam feels super luxurious, the whole basket is made of it, both the bottom and the edge of the basket. It is firm but still wildly soft, so your rabbit does not sink into the basket. Here your rabbit can sleep safely and well. Thanks to the edge of the basket, the rabbit feels enclosed and protected, even if it is an open basket.

Luxury basket for rabbits

This round basket for smaller rabbits has a reversible pillow that is gray / brown on one side and white plush on the other side. The basket is also coated with teddy fabric on the inside of the basket, so your rabbit is nice and soft. On the outside of the basket, the fabric is made of thick, robust and durable canvas fabric.

The measures of the basket

The basket has a diameter of 43 cm.

Equipment for rabbits

Make a rabbit area with cool rabbit gear. The rabbit area is the place where the rabbit has its territory and all its things. It can be a fence or a large cage that is always open or just a corner in the living room. The base should include soft carpet, a house, a toilet, feed bowls and activity toys.

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