Wicker ball with apple pieces – Rabbit activity


Activation and snack ball

for rabbits

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Willow tree with apple pieces – small rabbit activity

Rabbit activity with this little play ball, which is made of wicker and contains delicious pieces of dried apple that your pet must try to get out.

Long time activity of your rabbit, and once your pet has got all its treats out, you can fill the ball again with other dried herbs yourself.

Willow wood also helps to grind your rabbit’s teeth.

Benefits of this toy

  • bunny activity
  • grinds the teeth
  • pamper your rabbit with treats
  • the rabbit’s stress level decreases

Therefore, rabbit activity is so important

You can make your rabbit active in many ways, and activity toys can help you. motivate by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into, make it look for food or give something to gnaw on.

This accessory for rabbits can give your rabbit satisfaction by searching for food and something to gnaw on that also grinds its teeth.

The ball weighs 15g and measures Ø 8cm.



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