Soft piranha – Rabbit caves


Cute cave that looks like a piranha

Perfect for the free roam rabbits resting area.


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Cute gray rabbit caves in piranha shape

Rabbit caves are an important part of a good rabbit decor. This felt hole for rabbits that looks like a piranha fish is super cute in any rabbit base. The cave has a soft pillow inside.

Fun rabbit cave

Nice cave you can hide in and tuck in for smaller pets.

A rabbit cave that attracts attention. It looks funny as if the rabbit is being eaten by a fish.

The size of the felt cave

64 cm x 54 cm and 33 cm high.

Rabbits live in caves

Wild rabbits live in their caves underground most of the day. They live in large colonies. Each small family has an underground cave where they rest, hide, sleep and give birth to their kittens. Between the caves, they make long complex tunnel systems so they can visit each other. Underground, they feel safe from bad weather and dangerous animals.

Therefore, you need to have rabbit caves

Rabbits love caves and tunnels. Feel free to decorate your rabbit living area with good hiding places, houses, caves and tunnels. That way you will make it look like the life of the wild rabbits and your bun will love it.

Cute Rabbit furniture

Your rabbit will love this accessory in its rabbit base or enclosure

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