Pillow with waterproof nylon cover – black


The pillow cover can be removed and washed

60cm x 45cm


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Square pillow for pets – black

The pillow here fits rabbits of all sizes. It is large and flat so it is easy to hop on to. And it is waterproof.

Practical mattress for rabbit

It is practical because its cover is thick and durable nylon. The pillow is waterproof so if you have a small pig at home, you can always just wipe the pillow off with a cloth. The cover can also be unzipped from the cushion and machine washed.

Lovely pillow for your rabbit’s favorite resting place

It is flat so that your pet feels that it has solid ground under its feet. Put it in your rabbit’s favorite spot.

The pillow measures 60 cm x 45 cm x 4 cm

Dust-free rabbit environment

As not as much dust can hide in it as it can in plush carpets, this mattress is good for rabbits with sensitivity to dust.

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