Outdoor rabbit house – with two floors


With 4 doors and removable roof

House for rabbit running yard



Outdoor rabbit house – with two floors

White wooden house for rabbits running yard

This outdoor rabbit house is well suited as shelter in a large running yard. Here, the rabbit can seek shade from the sun and shelter from the rain. Perfect for lovely summer days outside in the garden. The house is too small as permanent accommodation for rabbits. Rabbits should have plenty of space to run around. It is healthy for rabbits to be outdoors as they for vitamin D of sunlight and have good of fresh air.

Wild rabbits

Rabbits out in the wild are, after all, won to dig corridors and caves underground. Here they stay a lot of the time and here they feel safe. The two floors of this house the rabbits will love because it’s almost like they have several caves they can hide in. The lattice in the house just makes you enjoy the sight of your little bunny while hiding 🙂

Advantages of this lovely outdoor rabbit house:

  • Two floors to hide on
  • The house has two doors at the top and two at the bottom.
  • The floor has a tray that can be easily removed and cleaned.
  • In addition, you can open the roof.
  • Ramp so the rabbits can easily go up and down between the floors.
  • Perfect for summer days in the garden with fencing around.
  • Looks great in the running yard with its white color

113cm high, 112cm long and 62cm wide

The house does not lend itself as a winter residence as it is not isolated!!!

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Weight 28 kg