Orthopedic rabbit pillow


Nice soft but still firm to lie on

Suitable for rabbits, cats and small dogs


Orthopedic dark gray rabbit pillow with memory foam

Orthopedic rabbit cushion with super soft teddy bear fabric on top, robust and durable fabric under the bottom and zipper. Inside there is a firm but soft cushion of memory foam which supports the rabbit well and provides a healthy sleeping environment. We have a lot of rabbit supply for sale for free roam bunnies.

Perfect sleeping space for all smaller rabbits.

Healthy bunny pillow

The pillow is gray and fits into most homes. It is soft to lie on but not too soft, so it gives a safe feeling to walk on because it is firm. It supports your rabbit’s posture while resting.

Practical pillow

You can easily take the pillow with you in the car or in other rooms. In addition, the cover of the orthopedic pillow can be removed and washed at 40 degrees and air dried.

Pillow dimensions

The pillow measures about 60 cm x 40 cm and is 5 cm high

Cute rabbit supply for sale

We have lots of rabbit accessories for sale for your fre roam bunny here. Make a nice rabbit home base. It can be a large enclosure or an open cage, or just a corner in the living room. Cages and enclosures are especially good if there are children and animals present in the home, then your rabbit can have peace and quiet in its base. Decorate the base with sleeping space, eg. this gray healthy pillow or a bed, a cave or a house it can hide in, a toilet and food bowls.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg