Organic rabbit hay – Really good quality hay


Organic hay for rabbits

Good quality hay for rabbits with many grasses, wild plants and flowers

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Organic hay for your rabbit

Good quality rabbit hay with many different grass species, wild plants and flowers

500 grams of 100% Organic rabbit hay consists of many different grass species and natural wild plants and flowers.

Made from 100% certified organic raw materials.

Good eco hay for rabbits

Harvested from lush mountain meadows, gently dried and hand-picked.

This hay lies loosely in the bag, so it preserves the natural healthy fiber-rich structure of plants.

Good hay for rabbits with extra high herbal content.

Jr Farms organic hay for rabbits is of Premium quality.

Delicious organic rabbit hay

That’s some nice scented organic hay. We’ve never had our hands on any hay that smelled as good as this one does.

It smells really fresh and delicious like herbs. That’s what they call good quality hay for rabbits.

You almost want to eat it yourself 😀

But we just give it to our rabbits anyway.

Try it, your rabbit will definitely be happy…

All our hay is of good quality. This organic hay contains many different grass varieties and green plants and flowers, just like most of the hay we sell here at Free The Bunny. It is better than hay with only one kind of grass, since it gives rabbits more variety. This is more like the food of wild rabbits, which after all feed on many grass species, green leaves, flowers and twigs every day. Please switch between different hay brands, to reduce a too monotonous diet for your rabbit. Remember also to add various herbs and vegetables.

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