Nourishing and healing gel for skin and fur


For dry, red, itching, scolding, and skin where the fur has gone off.


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Care for irritated rabbit skin and fur

Naturally gentle animal care in gel form.

Soothing and caring for skin irritations such as redness, flaking and crusting, damage, pressure points and itching
– Promotion of fur growth in case of loss of fur
– Easy to use thanks to its gel-like consistency, on hairless areas
– Effective when applied in a thin layer to the affected areas of the skin

The gel is a natural product containing kernel wood from pine trees. Heartwood extract has many beneficial active ingredients e.g. Flavanoids, essential oils, amino acids, trace elements and antibacterial substances.

Use this gel for

  • Skin irritations
  • Red skin
  • itching
  • loss of fur


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