Nettle herb for rabbits


80g nettles for rabbits

Vitamin- and fiber rich herbs

Healthy snack

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Dried nettles as feed supplement

Delicious healthy nettles for rabbits.

Free The Bunny is very concerned about the health and naturalness of rabbits. Therefore, you can be absolutely sure that all our treats, snacks and herbs are healthy. We have nothing in the store that contains sugar, honey, yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits.

Nettle herb is delicious dried fiber-rich nettles.

Nettles contain, by nature, plenty of vitamins and minerals, in addition to that they also stimulate kidney function and support metabolism.

The high fiber content ensures optimal digestion and gives your rabbit a healthier life.

Switch between different herbs every day, to give your rabbit a more varied and natural diet, closer to the food of wild rabbits.

Our rabbits love to sniff around in their hay and look for the little herbal surprises in there.

How to use nettle herbs

Use this herbal blend as a pampering for your rabbit and to add extra health. Mix it in the hay to make the hay eating more exciting.

Give your rabbit a varied diet in the form of hay with many different grass species instead of just one grass variety. And with many plants and flowers from the field. And give the rabbit feed pellets with many grass species and plants instead of grain and soy based feed.

Jr-farm herbs

All Jr-farm rabbit herbs are without wheat and other grain products, also this type of jr-farm stinging nettle herb.

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