Natural rabbit shavings with citrus scent 4 kg


Rabbit shavings that counteract the attraction of flies

Natural shavings for rabbits without toxins
4 kg Rabbit base with lemon scent


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Natural rabbit shavings with lemon scent

Wooden bedding for rabbit toilet with lemon scent. Natural rabbit shavings with fresh scent. Insects hate the smell of citrus fruits, therefore it counteracts the attraction of flies and other bugs near your rabbit.

In addition, this fresh scent of lemon counteracts other bad odors, such as urine odor.

Natural rabbit underlay

This rabbit bottom layer is a 100% natural product and can therefore be thrown on the compost and degraded by nature. And there is completely non-toxic.

Rabbit wood shavings against flies

Rabbit wood shavings with citrus are good against flies and other vermin as insects do not like lemon scent.

Chips for rabbit

Bottom layer for rabbits is made of wood and absorbs moisture from eg urine. So your rabbit has a dry surface in his rabbit toilet.

Benefits of this bedding for rabbit toilet

  • Fresh scent
  • Counteracts insects
  • Sucks up pee

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Weight 4.5 kg