Hay with many grass species and fiber-rich nettles


Hay with natural herbs and nettle

Hay with more leaf and less stem for rabbits

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Delicious meadow hay with nettle for rabbits – 500g

Nettle hay gently dried mountain meadow hay consisting of several different grass types and natural herbs with very high leaf proportion. More leaf and less stem are delicious hay for rabbits.

This meadow hay has natural weeds from the grassland and added nettle.

Meadow hay provides a varied rabbit diet

Premium meadow hay for all rabbits who deserves to be spoiled. The nettles provide a nice taste experience for your rabbit.

Feed recommendation: given clean or mixed with other JR Farm herbs.

Hay is the most important part of a rabbit’s daily feed – therefore rabbits should always have fresh hay available. Please switch between different hay types. That way, your rabbit gets a more varied diet.

Composition of the hay:

Meadow hay, nettles 10%

Hay analysis:

protein 12.8%, fat 2.8%, fiber 25.1%, ash 8.2%

All our hay is quality hay for rabbits with many different grass species and natural weed plants and flowers. It is better than hay with only one kind of grass, since it gives rabbits more plant variability in everyday life. This is more similar to the diet of wild rabbits, which after all feed on many grass species, green plants, flowers and twigs every day. Please switch between different kinds of hay to reduce an overly monotonous diet for your rabbit.


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