Long-haired Vetbed 100×70 cm – gray


Grey angora vetbed

for smaller pets


Long-haired angora vetbed – Gray

This gray vetbed piece has extra long hair and a non-slip silicone base.

It looks nice plush and is nice and soft to lie on for your rabbit.

Therefore, your rabbit should have a soft carpet

Where your rabbit stays the most, the floor should preferably be soft. Rabbits do not havepaw pads like dogs, so hard floors can press too much underfoot, eventually giving paw sores.

This gray blanket for the rabbit base is not made of natural materials like cotton, rabbits are not as prone to gnawing in it.

It measures 100 cm x 70 cm.

This is how you keep the gray long-haired rug clean

Wet bed can be washed at 40 degrees C. After washing, it is air-dried.

Do not tumble dry. Like the other vetbeds.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg