Large rabbit cage indoors – black

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Spacious indoor rabbit cage

125cm long 70cm wide and 90cm high

With practical bottom for bedding

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Beautiful black indoor rabbit cage with bottom

– rabbit cage indoors with room for toilet and toys

Large rabbit cage indoors of black metal and with bottom. This beautiful black indoor rabbit cage is large yet space-saving compared to an enclosure, for those with only sparse space in the home.

The cage is made of sturdy and durable powder coated steel. The bottom is made of plastic. It is easy to set up and take down, and can be folded together so you can easily take your rabbit out into the garden on a nice summer day in the cage.

The cage door has a safety lock so your pet can’t open the cage and run away, and small children can’t get into the rabbit cage.

Free range rabbits

We’re in favour of free-range rabbits. We do NOT recommend that your rabbit live in this cage. It’s too small for that. Rabbits need space to run around, and they want to be part of humans everyday lives. But it can be beneficial for the rabbit to have its own “space” where it has a space and where it can stay in peace for children or other animals in the home. Especially if, for example, there are children in the house or you have a rabbit with a little fearful personality.

Rabbits should not be kept in cages

If a new rabbit enters the home and does not have a clearly defined area, which is the rabbit’s space, it may well become too overwhelmed and frightened, especially if it has an anxious personality type, and then it will choose to sit under the sofa or another inconvenient place, and it will not leave the place again. That’s why we always recommend keeping a new rabbit in the cage for the first week. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace and quiet.

Large rabbit cage – Fine storage for rabbit stuff

Keep your rabbit’s house, toys and toilet in this beautiful black sturdy cage.

  • 49 inch long
  • 70 cm wide
  • 80 cm high

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