Large tunnel for rabbits – made of delicious grass


Large edible tunnel 27 cm in diameter

Perfect double fun toy for your rabbit

Many hours of activity

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Tunnel for rabbits – hide and seek

Many hours of gnawing fun

Tunnel for rabbits made of edible hay. Activity and toy for rabbits. Also large rabbits can get many hours of activity and play out of this hay tunnel.

This grass tunnel is very large, so it fits both dwarf rabbits and giant rabbits.

Why this tunnel for rabbits is so good

Rabbits love to run through tunnels because that’s what they do outside in the wild. They live in tunnels underground. Therefore it is good to have several different hide outs in the house they can use.

This tunnel is extra fun because it also gives something to gnaw on. It is made from 100% natural edible material. No synthetics. Its made of plant fibers, starch and delicious mountain hay.

That’s why the hay tunnel is so good:

  • Activity through nibbling releases stress hormones
  • Hiding place provides a sense of security
  • No synthetic substances
  • Fits all bunny sizes
  • Many hours of activation and play

Measure of the rabbit tunnel:

10,6″ diameter

14,2″ long

That is why rabbit toys are important

Rabbits need to be activated every day, otherwise they get bored and may make trubble, such as biting your furniture to pieces.

You can activate your rabbit in many ways, and rabbit toys can help you with that. Activate your rabbit by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. For example, to run through and hide in tunnels of various kinds. In nature, they have long tunnel systems underground that connect their caves. Here they spend most of the day.

This tunnel gives something extra because they can gnaw on it too.

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