Large food bowl for rabbit – several or large rabbits – white carrot


Huge food bowl – white

Good for big rabbits

or more rabbits

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Large food bowl for several rabbits or large rabbits – white carrot

Here is a large food bowl for rabbit in white with pink top and in carrot shape. This feeding bowl is large, therefore ideal for several or large rabbits.

Large food bowl for rabbit with comfort

The edge of the bowl is so low that your rabbits can easily reach into the bowl and take their food or treats.

The bowl is made of brushed plastic that gives it a nice matte finish.

With sweet carrot drawings inside.

The feeding bowl is also great if you pick grass and plants out in nature due to the large flat bowl.

The benefits of this large feeding bowl

  • Low edge for comfort
  • Dishwasher
  • Large volume for several rabbits
  • Sweet white carrot design

Cleaning this large food bowl for rabbits

The food bowl is dishwasher or ordinary hand dishwasher safe.

The dimensions of the rabbit bowl are:

28cm long, 17cm wide and 2.5cm high

Therefore, it is a good idea to have rabbit bowls in different sizes

It is practical and easy if you have rabbit bowls in different sizes and varieties at hand, as your rabbit benefits from several different food items such as pellets, dried herbs, hay, lettuce and leafy greens from nature. Wild rabbits eat many different grass species, branches, natural plants, flowers. They eat very varied. Preferably give your rabbit a diet similar to the diet of wild rabbits. Give the hay which consists of many grass species instead of just one grass species and where wild plants grow in between. And give your rabbit feed pellets which consist of many grasses and herbs instead of wheat or other grain products. And complement with various dried herbs and lots of fresh greens.

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