Plantain bunny herbs mixture with cornflowers and hollyhock


Lancet plantain herbal blend for rabbits

Healthy supplementation with flowers and herbs


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Bunny herbs blend with lancet plantain

Jr Farms plantain herbal blend for rabbits is a healthy fiber-rich blend for everyday life. With delicious wild herbs and flowers.

Herbs are healthy for rabbits

Really healthy food supplements for bunnies that rabbits in the wild would eat.

Lancet plantain width is especially known for its versatility in natural medicine.

The rabbit herbal mixture provides natural dentistry for rabbits and is health-promoting.

The high fiber content ensures optimal digestion, better well-being and a happier rabbit.

Varied rabbit diet with herbs

Do you also want to give your rabbit a more natural diet? Then it is a really good idea to give different herbs every day. You change between them and put it with the daily hay. Wild rabbits, in addition to many grass species every day, also eat many green plants, flowers and branches. In addition, your rabbit will be fond of taste variability.

Here in the shop you will never find treats or herbs containing sugar, honey, synthetic drugs, yogurt or anything unnatural for rabbits. We care a lot about the health of rabbits and want all rabbits to have a more natural diet. And we have world wide shipping under 2 kg.

Healthy and tasty supplements for all rabbits.

Use this bunny herbs mixture like this

Use this herbal blend as a treat for your rabbit. Mix it in the hay to make the hay eating more exciting.

Give your rabbit a varied diet in the form of hay with many different grass species instead of just one grass variety. And with many weeds. And give the rabbit feed pellets with many grass species and herbs instead of grain and soy based feed.

lancet plantain, cornflower and hollyhock herbal mixture contain:

lancet plaintain 95%, cornflowers 2.5%, storose 2.5 %

protein 13.7, fat 2.4, fibre 20.8, ash 12.7, water 11.5


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