Indoor rabbit toys – With 4 drawers


With drawers for snacks or pellets

Indoor rabbit toys

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Indoor rabbit toys with snack drawers

Activity toy for bunnies. Made of untreated wood.

Store your rabbit’s favourite treats in the 4 drawers and let your rabbit pull the drawers using the strings.

Nice little toy that makes your rabbit work a little for food, which is healthy.

the Rabbit toys use

The first drawer is just pulled out on the leash. The subsequent drawers must be pulled to the side before they can be pulled out. This means that the rabbit must think before it can grab its snack. That way, your rabbit gets its brain activity used. It’s good for the rabbit to counteract boredom. it is also good for you because a bored rabbit can easily make trouble in the home, for example by biting the wallpaper or the furniture.

That is why your rabbit needs activity toys

You can activate your rabbit in many ways, and activity toys can help you along the way. motivate by giving it something where it can unfold its natural instincts. It can be something it can dig into, make it look for food or give something to gnaw on.

This accessory for rabbits can give your bunny satisfaction by searching for food and using the brain.

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