Rabbit house with with ears

This cute rabbit house with ears is made of gnaw-free wood and fits all smaller rabbits. Use this bunny house for cages or fencing or whatever your rabbit enclosure consists of. If you also want to make a cute indoor rabbit housing instead of the old cardboard boxes and random plastic things, then this rabbit furniture is just the thing for you.

Rabbit house in several versions

This cute rabbit house is Free The Bunny’s own design. You can have the house with different colored ears, so you can adapt it to the style you want your rabbit’s home area to have or the furniture you have in the living room.

Indoor bunny house

The wood is made of very hard birch veneer, which is intended for making furniture for humans. It is for indoor use only. The bunny house is made of very hard wood. Its impossible for your rabbit to gnaw in it. We have even had such a house for years, without a single bite mark.

Rabbit house for cage, enclosure or bunny area

Use this bunny house for cages or fencing or your rabbit’s favorite abode. Rabbits need a hiding place where they can feel safe. This house for rabbits has 2 exits because thats what they like best. They really love to have an escape route. In their underground caves, rabbits always have several tunnels they can escape through where they can flee from predators. World wide freight: Ordinary shipping outside from EU is expensive from Denmark. If you buy something that weighs less than 2 kg, we can send it out as a letter at a reasonable price. This house is under 2 kg.

Indoor rabbit housing furniture

Remember its not suitable for rabbits to live in a small cage. It should only be used as a base/area where it has its things and can feel safe. A rabbit needs to move around a lot, and wants to be a part of the family’s daily life. Other good rabbit cage supplies are digging box and tunnels. Rabbits love tunnels because in the wild they dig long passages between their caves so they can visit each other and hide from predators.

The measures of the house

28 x 28 x 28 cm


Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg

gray, pink