Rabbit enclosure indoors – Pink free rabbit playpen


Pink large rabbit pen for free roam bunnies.

Can be set up in many different ways


Pink rabbit enclosure indoors – Free roam rabbit run

Cute pink rabbit indoor run.

Looking for a really cute pink rabbit enclosure for indoor use? This is a large nice pink rabbit cage for free roam bunnies. This beautiful spacious free roam rabbit home base is practical, and really easy to set up. It’s already assembled when you get it.

It can be set up in many different ways. E.g. in an 8-edge, a 4-edge or along the wall.

Consists of 8 panels, each of which is about 70cm wide and 60cm high.

The cage door has a safety lock so your rabbit can’t open the cage.

Rabbit fencing for free roam rabbits

The rabbit home base is where the has all its stuff. For example, its favorite cave, a tray and its food bowl.

Pink rabbit cages for indoor use

We favor free rabbits in the apartment or house. We do NOT recommend that your rabbit lives firmly in this rabbit enclosure. Rabbits need space for running. And they want to be part of the family’s everyday life. But it can be beneficial for the rabbit to have its own private space where it can stay in peace of children or other animals in the house.

Free roam rabbit run for newly arrived rabbit

If you’ve just got a new rabbit and it doesn’t have a clearly demarcated area that’s the rabbit’s place, it may be too overwhelmed or scared. Therefore, we always recommend keeping a new rabbit in e.g. this indoor enclosure for rabbits the first week. Here it can feel at home and mark its territory in peace. Open the cage when it feels safe and relaxed and shows interest in the family.

If you want a large indoor running yard

If you acquire 2 or maybe even 3 enclosures you can make a whopping indoor running yard for your rabbits.

This cute pink rabbit enclosure can be perfectly decorated with cute rabbit furniture. Rabbit beds, digging boxes, tunnels, toilet and caves so you get a cute free roam rabbit living area

You can find many great ideas for cute décor options of rabbit home bases on pinterest.

Pink bunny cage for cute décor for your free roam rabbit.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg