Part 1 – The Bunny Village – 3 in 1 Rabbit House


Hiding place at the bottom of the house and bed at the top of the house

The house can also be put together with associated tunnels

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3 in 1 Rabbit House 1st part of 3 in the series The Bunny Village

This bunny house is a must have for rabbits. It works both as a hiding place and as a bed as the roof has a recess where you can put a pillow. Perfect rabbit accessory for your bunnies indoor home area. The house can be used alone or together with tunnels and other houses which can be put together in infinite ways. This way you can decorate your rabbit hutch according to your wishes and needs. Worldwide freight: Ordinary shipping outside from EU is very expensive. But if you buy something that weighs less than 2 kg, we can send it out as a letter at a reasonable price. This house is under 2 kg.

A rabbit house several uses

When your rabbit has such a house, it also gets a bed, as the house has an edge on top where you can put a pillow on which it can lie. We have pillows that fit perfectly to the top of the house, which are waterproof (part 3). The pillows can also be used inside the house.

Rabbit hutch furniture

You have to Assemble the house yourself when you get it. It can be reversed so you decide in which side the exit and the side window are located. The house can be used as it is alone or you can buy two or more houses for your rabbits and put them together with black square tunnels (part 2). Then you can assemble an entire little rabbit village with caves and tunnels like the ones rabbits would have underground in the wild.

Rabbit accessories – Indoor rabbit home area

You can have one or two houses if you have a small bunny area or have many rabbit houses and tunnels together if the rabbit area is large. Please note that the tunnels are only suitable for dwarf rabbits. Also equip your rabbit living area with a rug, a poop tray, activity toys and other cute rabbit accessories.

Benefits of these houses for rabbits

  • Can be used alone as a rabbit house
  • Two or more houses can be connected by tunnels
  • The rabbit gets both a cave and a bed

The house for rabbits is assembled like this

The house is easy to assemble. You just knock the sides on top of the house with your fists. In most cases, no glue is needed for the house to be stable. But since the wood can vary a little in the thickness, you get a tube of wood glue and a piece of sandpaper, so you can glue it together if necessary.


Length 37 cm

Width 26 cm

Height 26 cm

The doors 15 cm x 15 cm

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Weight 1.8 kg